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We have chosen the best Production Houses in Ho Chi Minh City to partner with. This doesn’t stop us from working with others in Bangkok, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or wherever the right companies are to deliver the best work on time and in budget. But these guys know how to work here and we respect their abilities and professionalism. And they have worldwide knowledge of some of the best Directors (international and local), particularly ones who have worked in Vietnam before. What’s more, our Production partners and potentially even some of their recommended Directors will be briefed as soon as we are. That way there will be no surprises when it comes to making our films. Collaboration from the outset can only lead to stronger work for our clients.

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Our digital partner is Nilead. From Custom Website Design to Content and Performance Marketing, Online Advertising to SEO, their professionalism is second-to-none. Click their logo below to see what they do.

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we must be seen and heard

Our Media partner is Havas Media Vietnam. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Specialists in Mobile Media, Online, Out of Home, Print (Trade/Newspapers), Radio, Social and TV. Click their logo to read more about them.

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get talked about

Our PR partner is Phan Huy An. By leveraging PR and KOLs, we can push our client’s campaign to reach more of their target audience with less media spend. Like Production and Music, PR is an integral part of the work we present from the start.


When it comes to interacting with brands, there’s nothing like actual events to drive talkability and sharing.

We are currently looking for an Events Agency to partner with.


he said she said

Our Social Media partner is Click Media. With so many Vietnamese on social media sites for hours and hours every day, our social media partner is incredibly important to us to drive the success of our campaigns. Their social listening helps us understand exactly what Vietnamese are talking about so we can help clients become part of the conversation, potentially even leading it.

With years of experience working on local and international brands, they are leaders in social campaigns. Click on their logo to see what they do.

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