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    we make clients rockstars

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    Gen AI built in

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    we roll you rock

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fame & fortune

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People pay to watch movies, listen to music, go to see art. They also pay NOT to see advertising. Why? Because no one likes being sold to. Not even salesmen like being sold to. We like being entertained, inspired, understood, rewarded and respected. And we do not like being treated like idiots. Want to become famous? Want to make a fortune? Let us do our thing. Our aim is to create ads that people would pay to see. Why not?


Rockstar is not an Agency, it’s a collective. Think of us as a Supergroup.

The BEST lead singer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, DJ, production crew – you get the idea. We have no amateurs and no pretenders. Just like you can’t fake a live performance, we only have real talent in our group.

Everyone at Rockstar is chosen because they are the most talented at what they do. Be that Creatives, Production, Digital and Mobile, Events, PR, Content, Social Media.


faster, cheaper, better performing

Typically, we do in a week what others do in a month. That’s because you get to work directly with the ones who actually DO the campaigns – no middlemen – so nothing gets lost in translation. After years of perfecting not just what we do but how we do it, we know absolutely that stronger campaigns come when clients and creatives work closely together in harmony.

Now with tried and tested Generative-AI abilities, no other Agency can compete with us in terms of quality and speed. Ask to see our storyboards and animatics, our stills and our films. We'll blow you away.

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You have complete freedom to use us whenever you like and any one of our partners. Get us involved for a week or a year, it doesn’t matter. The work is always number one for us.


rockstar without the entourage

We know we can undercut any normal Agency fees because we don’t have all the traditional baggage agencies have. It’s our work that gets us noticed, not private jets and super-yachts.

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the work

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We have produced some of the most-loved, best performing advertising campaigns in Vietnam, China, even worldwide. Over the past 12 years, our TVCs, content films, posters and social media work has been shared millions of times and picked up international awards. You can see some of our strongest work here:

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